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VCA Sharpening Information

Thank you for choosing To The Point for your sharpening needs.  Please print and fill out the Sharpening Order Form and include it with your items.  For your convenience, there is also a printable address label to attach to your package.  Items can either be dropped off at our shop (for local locations) or mailed in.  Once received, there is a typical turnaround time of up to 72 hours before they’re ready to either be picked up or shipped out.  We suggest that each location have a few extra tools on hand for times when dull items are out for sharpening.  Upon return shipping, a tracking number will be emailed for each order. 

We believe that through proper planning, maintenance, and management of a customized sharpening routine that we can help you save money on year over year costs replacing these tools.  For example: a new pair of clipper blades cost approximately $28.00 while TTP charges only $6.50 to RESHARPEN, extending the life of your blade for a total of 4-5 sharpenings.  This is a savings of up to 300%!  This same savings can be applied to most other bladed tools in the office as well. 

Invoicing will be handled through the Corporate Office

For any questions or concerns please contact


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