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Body: Titanium

Handle: Black Palm

Sheath: Leather


Length: 5.5"



The MEK (Modern Everyday carry Kiridashi) is my take on the traditional Japanese utility knife used in the region for generations. Every day we encounter tasks like stripping wire, cutting against hard surfaces, or cutting through abrasive material that could damage or dull the blade of even the sturdiest knife. To solve this problem, the M.E.K. uses a standard utility knife blade that can be easily replaced if it gets dull or chipped. The thin offset blade allows you to make accurate and precise cuts wherever you need to and makes a great addition to your EDC gear. Another benefit to the M.E.K. is that it is convenient for travel not only because of its size and weight, but you can remove the blade and take it with you even on a plane; then you just pick up a new blade at your destination.

Banzelcroft Customs | MEK | Black Palm

SKU: BC001
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